May 2012

In search of ‘other’…

May 31, 2012
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What makes you love travel? To be honest, I’ve never been quite sure. On some trips it’s been the joy of photographing famous sights, the thrill of pushing myself to do something new, or visiting distant friends. On other occasions it’s just been the feeling on the sun on my back that I have treasured. […]

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Checking in, checking out: The Head of the River Inn, Oxford

May 28, 2012
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It was a flying visit to Oxford last week – with a traffic diversion for the Halfords Tour Series bike race that made it even briefer than it might have been if I hadn’t got lost. May I first suggest that if you’ve only been driving for six months (and around the bucolic countryside at […]

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City bluebells

May 12, 2012
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Living in the countryside near Milton Keynes is gorgeous although last week I found myself driving into the city in order to spend an afternoon with nature. Sounds odd? The city is blessed with four woodlands on its outskirts and if you walk in deep enough, the trees absorb the buzz of the traffic. On […]

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POP The Fashion Store launch: A slice of Scandanavia

May 8, 2012
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As I’m currently ‘grounded’ in the Buckinghamshire countryside, it’s nice when something a little different rocks up. My nearest town – just down the road – is the pretty market centre of Olney and luckily it has just about enough on offer to stop me from going completely mad in this ridiculously bucolic country life […]

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Strutting around Stratford-upon-Avon

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Last week, I headed to Stratford-upon Avon for a couple of days – a place that most schoolchildren within three hours’ drive visit at least once to check out the multitude of attractions related to the great William Shakespeare. I’d done all that an age ago, so this time was all about relaxing in a […]

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