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Cute and Quirky Travel-Related Tattoos

by on July 3, 2013

I once came very close to a drunken backstreet tattoo during my first long trip to Thailand in 2002, but I sobered up and came to my senses when the sticks and ink emerged. The closest I’ve come since is having a traditional henna design painted across my palms in Hampi, India. I’m a wimp, you see; my skin remains untouched.

But if I was going to have a tattoo — and the thought does sometimes cross my mind — it would be something that attempts to capture my love for life and my passion for seeing the world.

It would be small, it would be pretty, it would be tucked away somewhere like the side of my foot, behind an ear, or along a rib. And I’m not the only one who dreams of a travel-related tattoo… here are some of my favourites, borrowed from around the web.

A lovely quote, made for flip-flops and a hot beach:

travel tattoo Deanna Wardin @Tattoo Boogaloo

Pura Vida – a Costa Rican phrase that sums up what travel is all about; ‘full of life’, or ‘real living’:

travel tattoo, pura vida Image by Guillermo Ruiz

An inspiring aeroplane tat with a fascinating message behind it – read the full story here:

Chelsea Hicks Chelsea Hicks

A cute monument that reminds you of a particular time and place:

A tattoo which will be your direction when you have none:

travel tattoo compass Natalie Blackburn

Or just an inking which in some way reminds you of home:

travel tattoo, southern cross Pahz

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Isaac Franklin April 19, 2015 at 04:38

Great tattoo’s iv’e built a liking to the foot one so beutiful
Isaac Franklin recently posted…Wearing the Traditional American Flag as a tattoo | American Traditional Tattoos.comMy Profile


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