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5 Reasons Atlantic City Is Worth A Visit

by on January 5, 2015

When people combine the idea of casino tourism with a trip to the United States, it’s Las Vegas in Nevada that generally comes to mind. Known as something of a crown jewel among casino resort locations, Vegas is indeed an incredible destination for a traveller looking to enjoy casino attractions. But while this remains true, a city on America’s East Coast is increasingly viable as an alternative. Here are five reasons that Atlantic City is well worth a look for this sort of travel and leisure.

1. The Boardwalk Is Unique

It’s not uncommon for popular casino destinations to have extraordinary outdoor areas to stroll through. Las Vegas has the Strip; Monte Carlo has the French Riviera; Caribbean resorts have beautiful white sand beaches. And Atlantic City has its incredibly unique boardwalk.

It may best be known now as the historical setting for the HBO show Boardwalk Empire, but the Atlantic City boardwalk is also home to an astonishing variety of atmospheres and activities. Combining beach town charm, big city attractions, and the sights, sounds and smells of the Atlantic coastline, it’s a wonderful place to spend the days.

2. Casino Leisure Is World Class

Atlantic City does not have the same claim to world-famous casinos that a destination like Las Vegas or Monte Carlo has. But don’t let that fool you into thinking its casinos are any less impressive, or relaxing.

Naturally all of the top casinos in the area offer extensive gambling options, but it’s attractions like the spa at the Borgata that can help a visitor realize Atlantic City is truly a resort destination. You’ll find extensive leisure options—shopping, dining, shows, spas, etc.—at resorts such as this one, the Tropicana, Harrah’s, and a number of others.

3. The Destination Is More Global Than You Realize

This is to say that Atlantic City is increasingly being recognized among the world’s top-tier casino resort destinations. The biggest indication of this is that the city is actually looking to expand its airport to invite more international travel in order to accommodate growing interests abroad. Press of Atlantic City reported this past October that the airport, if international, would first cater to Canada. But within the report, there are also indications of Chinese interests seeking to establish direct routes to Atlantic City for international tourism purposes.

Beyond this, however, there are also indications in online gaming that Atlantic City is becoming more recognisable. Not only have some casinos in the area partnered with European gaming companies for online gambling purposes, but InterCasino, one of the oldest online gaming platforms in existence, counts an “Atlantic City Blackjack” game among its most popular options. As the game explains, it’s essentially based on a U.S. version of blackjack betting. At any rate, all things considered it’s becoming clear that Atlantic City is on the international map, so to speak.

4. It Doesn’t Lack For Shows

Many other casino destinations, and perhaps Las Vegas in particular, are known for attracting some of the world’s most incredible shows and musical performances. But as it’s grown in relevance and expanded its venues, Atlantic City has become a major contender for the attention of world class stars.

The city’s concert calendar for 2015 offers a glimpse of this improving status: Linkin Park, Elvis Costello, Aretha Franklin, and Benny Banassi are just a few examples not only of the quality but also the variety of performers expected in town throughout 2015. That’s all without mentioning various comedy acts, theatrical performances, etc. that will be passing through.

5. Proximity To Amazing Cities

Generally speaking, one doesn’t recommend a travel destination only to point out other destinations in close proximity. But just as a traveller to Vegas may seek a day trip to the Grand Canyon, or a visitor in Monte Carlo may find a way to take a boat out on the Mediterranean for an afternoon, tourists in Atlantic City would do well to explore some of the iconic American cities a few hours’ train ride away.

Philadelphia is the closest option, but Baltimore and New York City—both wonderful destinations in their own ways—are also within reach. This is a nice perk of visiting Atlantic City for those who would like something unique to do in the midst of an extended stay.

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